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Experiential Learning in the cornerstone of Dreams to Goals. Providing individuals with learning opportunities whilst working on their business, life or project is what we do best. 

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Business Planning 

Step by step Business Planning fundamentals delivered in a creative format to help women analyse business ideas, viability, planning gaps in budgeting, setup, marketing, operations, record keeping to achieve success.

1: Young women, female school leavers
2: Women, mums and entrepreneurial women returning to work

Interactive hands on small group workshops. Participants will work on their own Business Plan during the session and leave with a clear understanding of which critical elements they need to evaluate.

The workshops provide entrepreneurial school leavers, women, mums and women returning to work in their own micro business with solid practical business planning strategy, empowering them to set career and entrepreneurial goals to avoid the unique pitfalls women succumb to when starting a business.

Women entrepreneurs are bombarded with unqualified online influencers in lifestyle and small business fields, our workshops however are delivered by an experienced RMIT University Trainer and University Corporate/Community Business Department Manager and University/Government funded small business researcher Priscilla Green, founder of Dreams to a Goals Inc.


Setting Life Goals

A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream! We aim to change that with practical guidance on creating short term and long term plans to achieve personal, professional, wellness, lifestyle and relationship goals. Combining a unique strategy of overlaying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Traditional Life and Career Goal Setting, participants will be empowered with detailed strategies to achieve Life Goals.

Young women, female school leavers
Women, mums and entrepreneurial women returning to work

Interactive hands-on small group workshops. 

Providing school leavers, women and mums with workshops on solid practical planning strategy and life goal setting, empowering participants to set holistic goals for their career, personal life, entrepreneurial endeavors, relationships and health to avoid drifting without achieving their life aspirations. Participants will have access to training by Priscilla Green an experienced RMIT University Trainer, Corporate/Community Business University Department Manager and Business Researcher, sharing her unique 'Life Goal Setting Strategy' developed through her time surrounded by mentors and expert colleagues during her 15 years at RMIT University.

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