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“Our aim is to access funding from Government and Private sources to offer training and support to those who need it the most ."

— Priscilla Green, Founder,

Dreams to Goals.

You may be eligible to attend ALL our FREE training if you live in this 5 km radius. Including Blackburn, Box Hill, Donvale, Templestowe, Mont Albert, Doncaster, Forest Hill etc. should we achieve enough votes.

Workshop - Business Planning
Step by step business planning fundamentals delivered in a creative format to help women analyse business ideas, viability, planning gaps in budgeting, setup, marketing, operations and record keeping to achieve success.

1: Young women, female school leavers
2: Women, mums and entrepreneurial women returning to work

Interactive hands on small group workshops delivered by experienced University Business Trainer and Researcher at a local accessible seminar facility. Participants will work on their own business plan during the session and leave with a clear understanding of which critical elements they need to evaluate.

The project endeavours to reduce gender gap disparity by providing local entrepreneurial school girls, women, mums and women returning to work in their own micro businesses with solid practical business planning strategy, empowering them to set entrepreneurial goals and assist in avoiding the unique pitfalls for women in business.

Entrepreneurial local women need access to experienced, qualified expertise, this project is delivered by an experienced ex RMIT University Corporate/Community Business Department Manager, Trainer and Researcher.

Participants will leave the workshop with the tools they need to prepare and evaluate the many elements that determine success of a small business.

Workshops - Life Goal Setting
Workshops on self motivation, goal evaluation and creating a plan.

A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream! We aim to change that with practical guidance on creating short term and long term plans to achieve personal, professional, wellness, lifestyle and relationship goals. Combining a unique strategy of overlaying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Traditional Life and Career Goal Setting, participants will be empowered with detailed strategies to achieve Life Goals.

Young, women, school leavers
Women, mums and entrepreneurial women returning to work


Interactive hands-on small group workshops delivered by an Experienced University Business Trainer/Researcher at a local seminar facility.

Local women and girls have little access to coaching and training on life goal setting. These workshops will assist participants to develop a holistic approach to life goal setting, covering aspects such as home, family, relationships, finance, health, career, self esteem, self respect, motivation, creativity, social and community inclusion and self esteem.

The Artisan Project
A not for profit store where locals shop local art.
The Artisan Project will establish a ONE STOP SHOP where residents can support local artists by shopping for gifts, homewares, clothes and art all created by locals. Artists can provide works for sale at very low commission fees towards the not for profit store along with participating in a monthly market, artists talks and workshops.
The  project will bring a much needed space similar to inner city and regional Artist stores and markets that embrace and promote local art and help them establish themselves through retail sales.
The project aims to reduce local spending on imported gifts, homewares and art and encourage buying local. Local residents can engage in a retail/workshop/market space more familiar to their gift shopping experience whilst developing an appreciation of the wealth of talent often limited to community art market spaces.
Local residents need a space that showcases local artisans offerings that is comparable to the retail experience they have become accustomed to in hip inner city and regional towns. The suburban experience needs to replicate that environment to help drive support for local art and crafts.
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