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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Our #Throwbackthursday article this week.

You can read the original article published in issue 11 here or continue below.

(Note the links on this past article pages are historical so fresh links will be added to our Instagram page for thefabulous natural and organic skincare makeup featured). Links to where you can conduct online skin colour analysis surveys are below.

A simple way to determine your skin undertone is to try a pink based cream foundation and dab it on a cheek then spread it evenly in a thin layer, then do he same with a yellow based cream foundation on the other cheek. Then determine which of these blends in with your skin tone as opposed to which one looks like paint on your face. The foundation with a colour undertone pink or yellow that blends in is your match to your undertone colour.

If you have a COOL undertone the pink based foundation worked. If you have a WARM undertone the yellow based foundation worked. We recommend you visit the websites of these natural and organic cosmetic

companies after you have completed some ofthe colour analysis techniques on the websites on the following pages.

Updated Links:

Explore more about you skintone colouring at these sites. They even have tests to try to analyse your unique skin tone.

Try this quiz

Links to more colour styling tips

Information on understanding your colour.