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Hi I'm Priscilla, the creator of Lily Online Magazine. I started Lily to create a place to share all the things I loved. It grew into a magazine filled with fabulous articles and beautiful natural products, in fact it grew too big for my intention, I was juggling a 120 page issue publishing monthly with about 30 writers and it really wasn't what I wanted to do with my life.


In essence it was just a way to share my passion for 'learning', with a background in business education, combined with my personal passions of organic living and skincare, yoga and personal development, design and style I finally have the balance right.  You can read more about my business and styling services and credentials on the BUSINESS & STYLE CONSULTING page. 

These days LILY has been scaled back to a blog on natural and healthy food, skincare and lifestyle, style, aromatherapy and yoga lifestyle and of course business and personal development so that I can focus on my PRISCILLA-ANNE GREEN LIVING organic skincare, aromatherapy products and Yoga, wellness, personal and professional development services.

Enjoy looking around the website, read the past magazine issues and the current blog articles and visit my other website PRISCILLA-ANNE GREEN LIVING.

                                                             Priscilla-Anne Green


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