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Hi I'm Priscilla, the creator of LILY. I started LILY to create a place to share all the things I loved. It grew into a magazine filled with articles and beautiful natural products, in fact it grew too big for my intended purpose.... juggling a 120 page issue publishing monthly with about 30 writers and it really wasn't what I wanted to do with my life.

I also started LILY as a means of escaping a horrific domestic violence situation. Trapped in a relationship being financially, emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually abused. During this time I discovered Empowered and Beautiful, an online community network helping DV survivors. I decided to start publishing stories by survivors and help E & B to share information and education to assist victims to understand DV and find support and help. 


My background is in business and industry-based education, compliance education and quality and my currently role is Leader of Educator Development in a Melbourne based University which provides more than enough challenges and opportunities to share my love for learning and development. 

These days LILY has been scaled back to a blog on natural and healthy food, skincare and lifestyle, wellness, aromatherapy and business. Plus I get to share my courses and products that I develop from time to time. 

Enjoy looking around the website, read articles and the past magazine issues and visit my other website GREENHAVEN.

                                                             Priscilla-Anne Green


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