Izabella Siodmak - Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy and therapeutic body movement

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Currently one of my favourite contributors to past magazine issues has a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy. Izabella Siodmak is offering half price therapy for a limited time.

Izabella’s experience covers a vast range of modalities from laboratory Scientist to working with energy, from prescribing herbs & nutrients to holding space for deep emotional healing.

As a result, she works with her clients intuitively and wholistically drawing on her expertise in naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, somatic psychotherapy, neurochemistry and biochemistry.

in addition to support her work with clients she has authored many books, cd’s and cards including:

The Lie (Law) of Attraction

The Pages of Power for Her

The Pages of Power for Him

You the Confident Empowered Woman

Confident Empowered Woman’s Inspirations

Izabella has published several articles including those listed below in Lily Online Magazine (click on the links to read).

- Wellness and the power of deep love and effortless appreciation

- 7 Tips for feeling good from within.

- Objectification and Exploitation

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