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Happy Spring Equinox

From here in the upside down!

Spring Equinox is upon us and whether you’re a believer in cosmic energy, forces, spirits or whatever you would have to be living under a rock not to have noticed or felt this periods energy of change and transition and the sense of dark and light.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology ‘The date and time at which the centre of the Sun is directly over the equator in late September is called the equinox—from the Latin for 'equal night'. In the southern hemisphere, this marks the tipping point from days being shorter than nights, to days becoming longer than nights.

In fact, days and nights are equal in length (each 12 h) for the southern hemisphere two or three days before the technical spring equinox and most of Australia sees about 12 h 8 min. of daylight on the spring equinox itself. This is because our atmosphere refracts (bends) sunlight so that we can see the Sun just before it's risen in line with the horizon and just after it's passed below the level of the horizon at sunset.’

The spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere falls on the 23 September 2019. You might have heard it referred to as the Vernal Equinox or the Ostara Equinox. The Ostara is the opposite to Mabon the Autumn Equinox which our northern hemisphere neighbours will be celebrating as part of the Fall Equinox and often associated with the Halloween festivals. Symbolically many believe it is the time of experiencing both light and dark due to the equal length of the day and night.

Spring equinox is associated with the colours of Spring like yellow, the blue sky the pink flowers the green plants and also symbolic images like eggs, flowers, seeds and rabbits. Ritualistically it’s the time to consider new ideas and projects, new beginnings, planting, fertility, banishing negative energy and attracting positive energy and growth.

While the shops are filled with all of the Autumn Halloween decorations why don’t you instead participate in our Southern Hemisphere equinox celebrations and make some decorations like Wreaths from plants and garden flowers. Pick fresh flowers and decorate your home with them, take a long bath filled with petals and flowers.

Make a little alter decorated with all things Spring as a reminder to honour our Mother Earth. Pull out all your florals and be as feminine as your wardrobe will allow. Paint some eggs with the kids (it’s not just an Easter thing). Make a daisy chain or flower wreath crowns with the kids. There are plenty of simple ways to enjoy this beautiful transition back into the light after a long winter.

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