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Growing herbs and sensual cooking....

On the top of my TO DO list today was ‘tidy up my herbs’. Stepping out the door to pick your fresh herbs when you are enthralled in a zen like state of cooking is far more romantic that opening a plastic container of supermarket herbs or rattling a jar of dried leaves.... so with my gorgeous herb pot from Daylesford potted up and my other pots replenished I can immerse myself in cooking knowing my oregano, dill, coriander, chives, thyme and parsley are patiently waiting for me to visit them.

Cooking like gardening for me is not something I do for the love it, it’s simply a part of my being. It’s an important part of connecting to the earth and nature and as such needs to be done with the same amount of love and care you contribute to your health and wellness. - Experiments in the Art of Mastering None explains my experience of cooking beautifully. She writes “no creative endeavor–not even writing– possesses the ability to put me in a “flow” state like cooking does. When I am in the kitchen, I quickly lose all sense of time, of my surroundings, and my mind simply quiets. I am focused. I am the epitome of concentration. I am also vibrant, in motion, and fully sensually alive. Indeed cooking represents, for me, a kind of ritual that is vital to sensual living. It helps me connect with my inner domestic goddess in a wonderful way.” If your experience of cooking doesn’t evoke your inner Nigella it’s time to started summoning her so you can turn your daily meals from a chore into a sensual experience. Far more appealing don’t you think...It’s well worth a read to help you summon your Inner Domestic Goddess!

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