32 kids tops you’ll want to ‘borrow’....

Clothes are clothes and as someone who once sewed clothes for a living trust me.....If you like it and it fits it does not matter if it was designed for a child or adult, boy or girl, man or woman. It’s just bits of fabric put together that don’t discriminate against sex, gender or age.

I shop in the men’s wear, the boys or the girls section, not just the ‘womens’ section. its too easy to allow retail companies and clothing manufacturers to ‘label’ gender, age and trend appropriate fashion, when in fact it should be a completely unique individual choice and expression.

What many don’t realise is that the larger kids sizes are equivalent to the smaller adult sizes. So you get a much broader range to choose from and you get way more bang for your buck! We’re talking $3 a top sometimes for something you might normally pay $15, $20 even up to $70 for.

So here are my favs from the Spring season from Target, Kmart and Big W. If like me you’re a jeans/shorts/denim skirt and a T-shirt girl (I mean woman) hit the ‘girls’ sections and you’ll find all sorts of treasures.

Big W‘s range has a written word, culture, language theme and range from about $3-$15, you’ll definately find a few casual staple tops in their range of ‘girls’ tops...

Target have definately gone for a vintage retro vibe that I love... these are quirky and fun and range from about $3 to $20.

Kmart have a whimsical theme running through their ‘girls‘ tops and they really have something for everyone. They range from about $3-$15.

So don’t let the retailers fool you into only shopping in “your section” ... get out of your lane and shop anywhere you damn please!